Greetings from the online world.  With the launch of this website I hope to not only expand my love of creating safe spaces for you to pour yourself into, but also further root into the connectivity of community and expand Root Bound Bindery as a platform that supports and uplifts all those that surround.  We are moving away from colonialist and capitalist structures and mindsets within our society, that rigidly support the idea of the 1% having everything and taking everything, and are moving into an age where everyone and especially those oppressed by the systems currently in place can not only survive but thrive.  I make books to support myself and support the mental and emotional health of those that receive them, and I strive to grow in expanding that love and care into my community to ensure others have the same opportunities to flourish.  10% of all sales will be donated to a different initiative each month, with hopes in time to increase that amount.  Alongside creating, I will be making weekly blog posts sharing mutual aids, community initiatives, volunteer opportunities, learning resources and highlighting BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ creators and leaders within our communities.

For more on the story of Root Bound Bindery, click here to get to the roots

Thank you for supporting, thank you for expanding in your care, and thank you for being here with me.  

~ Codes

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