Pricing Transparency & Accessibility

Every creator who shares their work openly with the world can surely understand the woes and worries of pricing.  I have been repeatedly told I do not charge enough for my work, so after much reflection since losing my job due to the pandemic and working towards making bookbinding my full time job, I have raised my prices slightly to better reflect the time I spend creating these books; just enough so that I can support myself and continue the creation of this platform. 

I have always wanted my work to be accessible to everyone, and completely understand how having a handcrafted journal or sketchbook is simply not accessible to everyone.  I want to change that.  With all my heart, all I ever want is to greet other hearts where they are.  If my prices are inaccessible for you, please reach out to me and I will happily and warmly discuss a way for you to get a book to call your very own; whether through a payment plan, pay what you can, or through trade. 

Journaling and creating art in a book created just for your hands to hold is a gift I want to ensure everyone has access to.  I so look forward to creating something special just for you, and you, and you. 

Much love always, 

~ Codes

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